Hynes (O'Heyne)

Per pale indented, or and gules. Two lions, rampant, combatant, counterchanged. The crest, a dexter arm, armed, embowed, the hand grasping a sword, all proper.

Varations of the Hynes, name. include, Hines, Hinds, Hynds, Hindes and Hyndes. The name Hynes means 'enclosures.'

Hynes is an Anglicization of the Irish surname O'Heyne, or ” hEidhin in Gaelic.  Hynes was also written as O'Heyne, O'Hyne, Hyne, O'Hine, O'Hene, O'Heine, O'Haine, O'Hynes, and several other varations. 

Contemporary spelling of Hynes may be of English origins and originated in Northern Ireland. Many Irish emigrated to America, Australian and many other countries.


  Hynes in Australia
The earliest confirmed information relating to Hynes ancestors of our family dates from the time
Edmond Hynes married Brigida Hogan on 3rd August 1800 in the Parish of St. Munchins, County Clare, Ireland.

Their known children were:


Jacobus Hynes ~ baptised 21st October 1802;

Mariam Hynes ~  baptised 19th July 1806;

Domunike Hynes ~ baptised 15th January 1809;
Edmundus Hynes ~ baptised 17th June 1813;
Michael Hynes ~ baptised 20th May 1815.

Edmond Hynes ~ baptised 17th June 1813, son of Edmond Hynes and Brigida Hogan, married Bridget Rochford.

Their known children were:

Anne Rochford Hynes ~ [m. Edward Mayne Tabutean in Brisbane 22nd November 1865];
John Hynes ~ [m. Bridget Toohey];
Bridget Hynes ~ [m. John O'Brien];
Margaret Hynes ~
Michael Hynes ~ 

Michael Hynes was the youngest of twelve children born to Edmond Hynes and Bridget Rochford c.1844 in the village of Broadford 14 miles from Limerick, County Clare. He married Anne Smith, daughter of Robert Smith and Mary Taylor of Fenniscourt, County Carlow, in St. Patrick's Church Gympie Queensland on 13th November 1871. Witnesses to their marriage were James McCorby and Mary Smith.

Children born to Michael Hynes and Anne Smith were:

Bridget ~ born 24th November 1872; died 1874;
Mary Bridget ~
born 17th August 1874;
Margaret Anne Hynes ~ born 3rd March 1878;
Edmund Patrick ~ born 10th October 1880 at Thornborough, Hodgkinson Goldfield;
Winifred Eileen Hynes ~ [married 23rd August 1921 John Francis McGrath];
Mary Hynes ~ [married Daniel Fitzpatrick];
John Thomas 'Jack' Hynes ~ born 11th March 1883;
Patrick William Hynes
born 1893 at Herberton, Queensland;
Michael Rochford Hynes ~ born 1892 at Einasleigh, North Queensland.


Anne Smith was born in Fenniscourt, County Carlow, Ireland, daughter of Robert Smith, a labourer, and Mary Taylor (QM/ B09173). She was reputed to be the first white woman to pass through the infamous ĎHellís Gateí, a pass on the Great Diving Range between Cooktown to Laura. The area was notorious for hostilities between the Aborigines, Chinese and Europeans. Aborigines often attacked miners in the steep mountain passes used to access the coast from the hinterland.


Anne Smith was remembered for her courage and determination and led a hard life in a remote and often hostile North Queensland environment. At 21 years of age on the 30th November, 1871 she married, according to the rites of the Roman Catholic Church, Michael Hynes, a miner, the son of Edmond Hynes, and Bridget Rochford at Gympie, Colony of Queensland.


Michael Hynes was 27 years of age when he Married Anne Smith. He was born at Broadford, County Claire, Ireland. Witnesses to the marriage were James Corby and Mary Smith. The officiating priest was Reverend Father Mathew Moran. Anne Smith died in most unfortunate circumstances. She was a passenger in the back seat of car in Cairns. The driver dropped the clutch of the vehicle and it jerked froward. Anneís head was thrown backward. The long hatpin she had been wearing pieced her brain.


Michael Hynes was a baker by trade and established a business at Edmonton near Cairns. He had two sisters Bridget and Margaret.  Winifred and had one child John Sydney born on 27th November 1885 at Herberton. North Queensland. Margaret married Walter Vanderleur and their son John Francis was born on the 7thApril 1885 at Herberton. Margaret Hynes had three brothers, Jack, Patrick and Rochford and three sisters Winifred, Mary and Bridget. Winifred married McGrath and Mary married Fitzpatrick. Bridget died in 1874.



 Captain John 'Jack' Thomas Hynes 



An article in remebraance of Captain Jack is publishedinthefollowing journal.


M. M, Tracey, 2011. '154 Captain John Thomas Hynes, DSO, MM, Cross of Karageorge with Swords (Serbia) - An Australian Soldier'. The journal and proceedings of the Military Historical Society of Australia, Vol LII, September, No 3, pp 13-25.

The following is an extract from the caption of the Australian War Memorial Photographic collection. (Negative Number:P02311.001 AWM Database).  


Townsville, Qld. c 1919. A studio group portrait of four AIF officers. Left to right, back row: Captain (Capt) Robert Glasgow DSO MC, who served in the 15th Battalion. He was awarded the Military Cross (MC) on 1917-10-11 and the Distinguished Service Order (DSO) on 1918-07-08; Capt John Thomas Hynes DSO MM Cross of Karageorge (Serbia), an original member of the 15th Battalion. The then Company Quartermaster Sergeant Hynes was awarded the Military Medal (MM) in 1915 for action at Gallipoli. Promoted to Company Sergeant Major, CSM Hynes was awarded the Cross of Karageorge, 2nd Class (with Swords), "for consistent good work in France in 1916". This award was also known as the Serbian Silver Star. He was commissioned and as Captain Hynes was recommended on 1918-09-18 for the MC which was upgraded to the DSO. Front row: Major Charles Francis Duchatel MC, who originally served as a trooper in the 5th Australian Light Horse Regiment, rising to the rank of Sergeant. He was commissioned and served as a Lieutenant in the 49th Battalion, a Captain in the 13th Machine Gun Battalion and a Major in the 4th Machine Gun Battalion. He was mentioned in despatches (MID) on 1917-03-02 and awarded the MC in 1918; Capt Sydney Hubert Carroll MC served in the 13th Machine Gun Battalion and was awarded the MC on 1918-02-27; Capt William Montague Cory MC and Bar served in the 4th Machine Gun Battalion and was awarded the MC on 1918-04-18 and a bar on 1918-08-20. (Donor M. Fitzgerald).

Photographer: Federal Studio, Townville. Conflict: 1914-1918.


(1880 - 1913).


Margaret Anne Hynes married Richard Alexander MacLellan who was born at Hollywell Farm, Gowrie Road, near Toowoomba on 19th July 1874. The medical attendants were W. Armstrong, M.D. and Margaret Hanly. At the time of his first son's birth, Lachlan MacLellan was employed as an overseer at Clifton Station, District of Toowoomba, Colony of Queensland. [Birth Register No. 4211/5872].


When Richard Alexander MacLellan married Margaret Anne Hynes in Charters Towers on 10th September 1902, his profession is noted as 'insurance agent'. The marriage was celebrated by Father James Comerford, at St. Columba's Church, Charters Towers. Witnesses to the marriage were John Robert MacLellan and Winifred Eileen Hynes (District of Kennedy, Marriage Register No. 3960). Margaret Anne Hynes, daughter of Michael Hynes and Anne Smith, was born in Port Douglas, North Queensland in 1880. Her parents had followed the rushes to the Laura and Etheridge goldfields.


Richard Alexander MacLellan (1874 - 1956).


Margaret Anne Hynes died on 20th May 1913 at the District Hospital, Mount. Garnet. She was buried in the Mount Garnet Cemetery. Matron L, Nott, certified the death. Prior to her death as the result of endocarditis, Margaret was cared for by the Lucy family [Lucy's Hotel] Mount Garnet.


Children of Richard Alexander MacLellan and Margaret Anne Hynes were:

John Raymond ~ born 28th January 1903;

Robert Patrick Emmet ~ born  8th March 1905;

Catherine Cecilia ~ born  21stApril 1907;

Mary Agnes ~  born  20th September 1909; 

Theresa Francis ~ born  2nd September 1911.




The children of Richard MacLellan and Margaret Hynes.



John Raymond MacLellan


Robert Emmet MacLellan.

Catherine  Cecilia MacLellan

Mary Agnus MacLellan

Therese MacLellan



Catherine 'Kathleen' Cecilia (MacLellan) Tracey (Mum)

Catherine Cecilia MacLellan, daughter of Richard Alexander MacLellan and Margaret Anne Hynes, was born on 21st April 1907, at Sadds Lane, Charters Towers. The midwife attending the birth was Mrs. Orina.


Catherine used the name 'Kathleen'. After the death of her mother, she was reared by the Hynes and Fitzpatrick families in Cairns. She attended the Sacred Heart College at Rose Bay, Sydney where she studied the piano and gained her letters from Trinity College. When her schooling was completed she returned to Cairns where she designed and made bridal wear for Gredins.


Kathleen married John Robert Tracey on 11th September 1933 at St. Monica's Church, Cairns, Queensland. At that time, she was living at 182 Sachs Street, Cairns, possibly the McGrath residence. 



John Robert Tracey and Catherine Cecilia MacLellan / Hynes

Cairns, Queensland 1933 (Mum and Dad)


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