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‘Hi to all the baby boomers, 

I have been following the discussion on the music and dance scene in Townsville in the 60's. I started work in 64, so was around a bit in the late 60's. The Sound Lounge,Pages Arcade, was noisy and crowded, and the girls were there in pairs or groups. I gave up because many girls would not get up to dance and leave their mate sitting. It was ironic because later I spoke to girls who complained about the Sound Lounge, ' the blokes would not ask us to dance". 

Maybe it was as much to do with 2 left feet, because in the early 70s, after a car accident and a damaged knee, I went along to the dance class in the old AWU hall, top of Denham Street. Exercise for the crook knee. After learning to dance, ballroom and Latin American, dance partners were in excess. Must have been something to do with the ocker image, there was/is  always a shortage of male dancers so the blokes who went to the trouble to learn found an excess of ladies. If the way to a man’s heart is thru his stomach, then the way to a lady’s heart is thru her feet! 

The Norgate was the late night petrol stop, Ingham Road, owned by the Battle family ( Bill). I don’t know who owned or ran the Ozone Cafe, it was almost opposite the Toobruk swimming pool. 

The Shack old time dance Saturday night is well remembered. The PYC at West End has taken that over. The Shack was a learning place for the old time dances, where one old dear, trying to be witty, called me Fred, so henceforth, she was always Ginger. 

Nowadays, the younger singles seem to be more interested in computer games and drinking than in learning to dance properly. 

Here's to the next dance. Ian: Ian Walters bporchid@ultra.net.au


 Music and Memories of Townsville in the 1960s! All I really remember was the Ozone cafe, Norgate, and a really dive nightclub in Flinders Street - to go in there with a short haircut invited some fisticuffs Phillip Murphy Phillip Murphy (mailto:murkolein@one.net.au)


Love the site. Christine Crichton: crichton@mackay.net.au

I was a frequent "hopper" at the YCW between 1964 and 1968 (if my memory serves we correctly). I also worked at "The Sound Lounge" as a waitress in the evenings. Some of the best memories of my youth! Unfortunately I don't recognise many of the above but the whole era brings back many memories. Keep up the good work.  Nice to know that we are not the forgotten 'boppin' teenagers'. From a Townsville-ite who now lives in the U.K.

Monika Spademan (nee Wenta) bmspademan@cwcom.net.uk


I am the wife of a band member from the early 1960s. We will be sending some information and photographs.

Helen Lucas: plucas@ultra.net.au


It's a change to have something different to browse through.  I think the music accompaniment is a great idea. The site takes me back in time, although I did not live in Townsville. Thank you for your site.

Lee Taylor: leet@bit.net.au


Great music you use you have done well

Roger Hardwicke: (lismore@vianet.net.au) Perth.



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