'The Maori Sixteen's'

Actually it was the Graham Brothers with Paul Lucas and Noel Lane directed by Brother Killian and devised as an act for school speech night in 1960. We did one or two replays around the traps by request. Played ‘Apache’, ’Only the lonely’ with a comic twist by Lucas and Noel Lane.

We were painted up like Maoris.  The Maori Troupadours were around back then (Hippy Hippy Shake)  at the Townsville Show (remember).

Jack Graham

 1961 - 1964 
 Neil Graham - Lead Guitar (Maton Fyrbyrd), Keith Graham - Bass Guitar (Maton MS500), John 'Jack' Graham - Rythm Guitar and Saxaphone (Maton Fyrbyrd - Selmer Sax, Max Gillan - Drummer (Trixton).


Jack Graham commented: I used to sing (for heaven’s sake). Knock On Your Door/ Whole Lotta Shaking / I Want You to Tell Me Why You Walked Out On Me / Stuck On You / Good Luck Charm / lots more I can’t remember.I didn't play much sax, usually chords for the Shadows numbers - we did them all at the Shack and everywhere in 1961 to 64.  The Brothers put us on every show. I learned later that the Catholic Bishop Huey Ryan was behind this. He knew us growing up at Mt Spec where my Dad had a weekender and where Huey used to spend his spare time. Killian was dead against electric guitars and used to censor the lyrics as well, but he had to appease Huey. Disbanded in late 1964 - off to uni in Brisbane. I had a gutful of the music scene by then.

MT..Look at the back of the photo...My Dads handwriting.  I wouldn't be surprised if Arch Fraley was there. The occaision was Lance Broughton's 21 birthday according to Jack (snr).Remember Lance, the 8 stone radio announcer. A nice guy with a great gift of the gab and he sort of adopted us. When I did play the sax (occaisionally) it was a Borghani (dreadful instrument). I later bought a Selmer which was better, but the Cohn was the best of the lot. It belonged to a guy named Murray I think. Regards, Jack


'Ricky Western & The Rhythmaires'

Ricky Western (Noel Turner) vocals/rhythm guitar, Ricky 'Red' Huxley (lead guitar)Gibson ES335), Ian Lamont Drummer (?????)?, ....................................... (bass). Resident band at Hermit Park Hotel and Hotel Allen.

Eric Richards Wrote: Hi, reading your Web Site I gather your subscribers were all very young, as they only seem to mention 'The Shack' and the 'Sound Lounge'. I lived in Townsville from 1958 to late 1965 and there was virtually no entertainment in the hotels until late 1961 when a bloke from the Burdekin started at the Metropole Hotel on a Saturday night. He called himself Ricky Western (I, am pretty sure that wasn't his real name). No one could believe the crowds that started turning up, Red Huxley, Ian Lamont soon joined him as did Joan Harvey (a vocalist) and comedian 'Tug Boat Smith'. In no time the show was on Wednesday, Friday & Saturday nights with enormous crowds every night. I remember they would have theme nights – ‘Back to the Roaring Forties’, ‘Hawaiian’, ‘Cowboy’, ‘Fairytale’ etc. Just about everyone would come in dress up. As far as I can recall they were there for about 12 months when a fall out between the publican and band seen it all come to an end. The Townsville Daily Bulletin has periodically hard published articles about this famous time at the Metropole & in Townsville history. 

‘Ricky Western and the Rhythmairs’ played at several hotels for many months and they then moved into the Hotel Allen 3 nights a week. The Allen was the in place to be seen. This band was by far the dominate group till the middle of 1965. Solo acts from Sydney often were featured at the Allen with the band. The only other groups I heard of during this time were 'The Legends', 'The Graham Brothers' both bands were highly regarded by people who followed them. I left Townsville about this time so I don't know what direction thinks took I do understand Ian Lamont started up ‘The Squares’ which was a very successful group. I worked on the wharves and drank at most south side hotels. Hope this goes some way in helping you understand the background of rock & roll in the 60's in Townsville. Regards Eric Richards


 1962 - 1963 
 'The Rebels' 

Lawford Edwards - Lead Guitar (Maton Fyrbyrd), Michael Tracey - Rhythm Guitar (Tesico J-5), Richard Manson - Bass Guitar (Self madde), Graham Dale - Drummers (Pearl).

 Michael Tracey recalls: The Rebels were formed and played around Townsville mainly at hotels ‘pubs’ and football functions. Lawford played a Maton Fyrebyrd through a Maton amp. I plyaed the worst guitar I have ever known, a Teisco J45 through a Goldentone amp and backed Lawford with rhythm guitar. Both the guitar and amplifier were purchased from Peter Miller at Millsounds.  Richard ‘Dick’ Manson was a carpenter by trade and played an excellent bass based upon the Fender Precision, Richard made the instrument himself and used it through a Moody bass amp. Graham played a set of Pearl drums and later went on to play bass and lead guitar in other bands.

Graham Dale was good friend and he later married Carol Heaton. They divorced and I lost all track of Graham. If anyone knows of his whereabouts I would love to know.   
 1962 - 1963 
 Michael Tracey - Rhythm Guitar (Teisco J5), Graham Dale - Drummer (Pearl), Richard Manson - Bass (Self made), Bob Morton - Lead Guitar (Maton MS500). 

Michael Tracey - Rhythm Guitar (Teisco J5), Jenny Lambert - Vocalist, Graham Dale - Drummer (Pearl), Richard Manson - Bass (Self made), Bob Morton - Lead Guitar (Maton MS500).


Michael Tracey: ‘The Starlighters’ were formed to try to improve the sound of the previous band – ‘The Rebels’. When Robert ‘Bob’ Morton took over playing lead he used a Maton MS500. The amplifiers were a Goldentone and Richard used a Moody bass amp. The band usually played in Ingham and at several functions in Townsville including the roller skating at the Regent Theatre at Hermit Park. I continued to play rhythm and was able to get rid of the Teisco and purchase a Maton Flamingo. Richard had a solid commitment to his cycle racing and decided to commit his time to this sport. 

Unusual for those times, the next bass player was a young woman who lived at Rose Bay. Faye Pask had a Maton Ibis and used a Vase bass amp and was a good player. Bob was promoted in his job at the bank and this left little time for the band. ‘The Starlighters’ were disbanded. Graham Dale decided to play guitar and gave away the drums and Faye was none too keen on playing out so it was decided to start afresh and I fromed ‘The Arctics’.


Les Thomas Rythm Guitar (Maton), Mike Fulton Lead Guitar (Fender Stratocaster), Doug Lai Drummer (Premier) John Copp Bass Guitar (Fender Precision), Vocalsists Left: Eileen Holyoak and, ...........Help!


 'The Voodoos' 


Grahams Dale Lead Guitar, ? ...... Drummer), ? ...... Rhythmn Guitar, ? ...... Bass.



'The Panthers'

Jeff Carter Lead Guitar (Fender Stratocaster), ............................. Rhythm Guitar, ............................... Bass, ................................... Drummmer.

‘On that occasion, then 17-yer-old Jeff and his four piece band ‘The Panthers’ played at a dinner for the female members of the Australian Olympic.. ... .Jeff who will perform solo on Friday, said he is the only ‘Panther’ who still lives in Townsville.’ Townsville Daily Bulletin, Monday 19 June 2006. (*See Jeff Carter).


 'The Boys'  


Graham Dale Lead Guitar, ? ....... Rhythm Guitar, ? ....... Bass, Michael Delacey Drummer, ? ? .... Bass.


Graham Dale Lead Guitar, ? ....... Rhythm Guitar, ? ....... Bass, Michael Delacey Drummer, ? ? .... Bass.


Graham Dale was my first true friend. I have not seen or heard of him for years. If you see this website Graham please contact me somehow. If anyone knows of Graham please contact me. Peace, Michael Tracey.





'The Squares'


Ray LeFevure Guitar (Fender Jaguar), Gary Miers Rhythm (Burns Bison), John Sinclair / Geoff Carters Bass, Nelson Henchcliffe Sax & Trumpet, Ian Lamont Drummer.

Gary Miers and Ray LeFevure: This group was formed and played in Ayr and Townsville. I started in the early 60's in a group called The Zodiacs’ then The Fugitives and the original ‘Squares’. Ian Lamont's mother saw the T-shirt I was wearing had big coloured squares on it and she said ‘Why don't you call yourselves, The Squares?’ - True story.

An original Squares Guitarist, Ray LeFeuvre, followed on from Gary’s comment and said: ‘We were going to call the Band ‘Lord Nelson and the Trafalgar Squares’ after their saxophonist 'Nelson' Henchcliffe. But the name was too long and we shortened it to The Squares.’ He continued; ‘When Nelson shifted to Townsville he continued to use the name.’

Gary continued: I finished up playing in The Diplomats at Lowth's Hotel down stairs lounge. I left Townsville in 1969 for the Gold Coast.

lord nelson the the trafalers squarre.

I have many happy memories of the Y.C.W. Shack. Sunday Nights was the big night that was a privilege to be asked to play there. In the beginning there was no stage, just a rope in front of the band and when bands played the crowd would rush forward and stand about a foot in front of you. ... great times.


'The Silhouettes'

 Graham Tew Lead Guitar (Maton Ibis, Echolette & Vox AC30), Paul Tew Rhythm Guitar (Gibson??),  Sandy.....? Vocalist, Phil Hird Bass (Maton MS500), Ken Burnes Drummer (Trixton).  

Changes in the lineup mid 60s saw:

Graham Tew Lead Guitar (Maton Ibis), Paul Tew Rhythm Guitar (Maton Flamingo), Phil Hird Bass & Vocals (Maton MS500), Ken Burnes Drummer (Trixton) and Marie Gough Keyboard. (Ron Saywell (Vocals and 4TO Announcer) and Wayne Dixon (keyboards).

 Marie Orchard previous Burnes, nee Gough:I was a member of 'The Silhouettes' in the 1960s. Some up to date details on the band members, Initially, Ken Burnes (drums) Graham Tew (Lead Guitar), Paul Tew (Rythm) Ron Saywell (Vocals and 4TO Announcer) Phil Hird (Bass) and Wayne......(keyboards). Ken, Phil and Marie are still staunch Townsvilleans, and Graham and Paul are still in Queensland somewhere. I think Graham is in F.N.Q. and Paul in the Brisbane area. Ken and Phil are still very much involved in the music industry. I recently met Graham Smith (ex 4TO) at the launch dinner for SEA-FM & Mix 102.3. He is an Executive Manager for the Grundy Group, and told me Ron Saywell is still well and enjoying life to the fullest. Congratulations on taking the time to research and begin a very enjoyable and memorable website!

 'The Silhouettes' c1968'

Bob Knight Guitar, Graham Tew lead Guitar (Maton Ibis), Phil Hird Bass (Maton MS500, Ken Burnes Drummer Wayne Dixon Keyboard.

Information from Phil Hird's coming publication reported in the Townsville Bulletin Weekend Extra Saturday February 23 2008 p.47. Thanks once again to Michael Christensen - Townsville for notification of the article.



Jackson Lee Saxophone, Gary Miers Rhythm Guitar (Maton MS500), Dave Camp Drummer, ? Dave Chandlers Lead Guitar, Terry Howell  Bass / Vocalists, Noel Tones Vocalist



‘The Legends ~ Voss Brothers’  

Peter Voss Rhythm guitar Fender Stratocaster, Warren Voss Bass Fender Precison, Barry Voss Lead guitar (Fender Stratocaster), Dave Camp Drummer.


Sandra Voss, Barry's wife' often sang with the group.

 Bob Frew - Drummer (Ludwig), Graham Noack - Bass Guitar (Maton Ibis), Bob Knight - Lead Guitar (Maton Model ?), Henry Johnson - Rythm Guitar (Maton Ibis). 

Bob Frew - Drummer (Ludwig), Bob Knight - Lead Guitar (Maton Custom built), Les Thomas - Rythm Guitar (Maton model?) Graham Noack - Bass Guitar (Maton MS500).


(Photos courtesy Bob and Fran Frew)

PLEASE NOTE:  Would the person who e-mailed me and asked about Bob Knight's Custom Maton guitar please contact me again. Your e-mail was lost in a software upgrade.
Peace, Michael
 1963 - 1964 
 Brian ? Rhythm Guitar  (Gibson J-45), Ken ?  Drummer (Pearl) Tony ?  Lead Guitar (Hofner)Mike London Bass (Maton MS500) 
 The Kerrals were from New Zealand and lived in Paxton Street in Townsville for several years. Brian, Tony and Mike were from England origionally. The played instrumentals only e.g. Shadows, Ventures, Alantics and Duanne Eddy. 
 1963 - 1964 

Frank Gough Drummer (Drouyn), Michael Tracey Rhythm Guitar (Simpson Bari), Tony Firth Sax (Selmer), Bert Clements Lead Guitar (Gretsch 6120DC), Kenny Allom Bass (Maton Ibis) and Lenny Quoit (second sax absent in photo).



Frank Gough Drummer (Drouyn), Michael Tracey Rhythm Guitar (Simpson Bari), Tony Firth Sax (Selmer), Bert Clements Lead Guitar (Gretsch 6120dc), Kenny Allom Bass (Maton Ibis).

Michel Tracey: With the demise of ‘The Starlighters’ I decided to start anew. Michael Brown from the Young Christian Workers (YCW) told of a ‘chap from Brisbane’ he had met and that he played drums. After a brief meeting at Millsounds Frank Gough agreed to play and Peter Miller told us about a ‘chap who was buying a Gretsch and liked The Ventures’. Frank and I then tracked down Bert Clements who also decided to join. Bert was sure into Duane Eddy and The Ventures and pointed out that these performers often used a sax. Bert knew of a player in the Citizens Military Forces and Tony Firth also joined. This left us without a bass player so it was back to a sign on the notice board in Millsounds.

We had a few people call but one chap seemed polite and extremely enthusiastic. Frank, Bert and I met Ken Allom in Millsounds and agreed he should come to practice the following Saturday as we were playing at the YCW on Sunday night. Ken arrived on Saturday with no gear and no idea of bass playing. We were requested to accompany Ken to Millsounds where he very promptly purchased a Maton Ibis bass and a Moody amp – The Moody was soon replaced by a Fender Bassman. Ken did play on Sunday night with the notes written on the neck of his bass and the chords being called out as the tune progressed ...’E.....A.....E....B......E’  and so forth.

Kenny Allom said: I really could not play a note so you must have been desperate for a bassist !!! We must have had a premature gig, because you dear Michael kindlly showed me three notes to play repiiticiously throughout an instrumental called "Bombora " and must have said something like " just play these 3 notes and try to look half intelligent and we will get away with it."...... and we did !!!! Great memories and it is so clear to me , it almost feels like yesterday. !!!

Michael Tracey: I was to play in many bands after ‘The Arctics’ and though the music was not top notch, I never experienced the friendship, fun and pleasure in the short time we played together -

The Arctics +50 Veronica Firth, Frank Gough, Michael Tracey, Jenny Tracey, Tony Firth, Bert Clements, Fiona Clements in Brisbane. Kenny Allom and Lyn Gough are absent.

Frank Gough commented: Yes it was a great afternoon.  I still can't work out how such a relatively short time as a band had this long time impact on each and everyone of us.  I played in a very good band before Townsville and with some great musicians for many years later and I can't think of any one person out of the lot who I would really want to track down. I think one of the reasons why "The Arctics" were so popular was the way we all interacted on the stage. This was very evident yesterday in the way almost 50 years disappeared within minutes of meeting again.

Fiona Clements: Thanks so much for yor email & images of legends. The get together also warmed our hearts....

Ken and Pam Allom - Bass player from The Arctics.

'The Jackson Sisters'
Lynette Jackson,  Junita Jackson and Cheryl Jackson (behind Bert Clements and Michael Tracey).

The Jackson Sisters often sang with The Arctics. The photograph was taken at the first 'Teenage Cabaret' at the YCW Hall. The group ably performed songs as: ‘My Guy’, ‘I will Follow Him’ and ‘Tar and Cement’.

I contacted my sister, who contacted my other sisters, and they confirmed that the names of the girls are Lynette, Junita and Cheryl. I didn’t send them the photo, so I cannot confirm which one’s which. I can do a bit more research if you want to know who’s who. Regards, Tony Firth.


Jeff Carter Lead Guitar (Fender Stratocaster), John Chammings Rythm Guitar (Maton Premier), Ken Allom Bass Guitar (Maton Ibis), Nelson Hinchcliffe Saxophone (Selmer), Frank Gough Drummer (Drouyn).

 Heading for newspaper article in whhich this photographs appearedreads:
Caption reads: Alderman G. Bourke opening the N.F.C. Instrumental competition on Tuesday night. With him are the first group to appear in the competition. Knnown as “The Trendmen,” the member are, from left: George [sic] Carter, John Chamings, Ken Allom, Tony Firth and Frank Gough. The group were placed second.
 Ron McIntosh Rythm Guitar (Maton ???), Sandy ? (vocals), Bert Clement Lead Guitar (Gretsch), ? Geoff Long Drummer (Gretsch 6120DC), Paul Park Bass (????). 
 'The Gentry'  

Peter Thompson Bass (Maton Ibis & Retep Amp), Michael Tracey Lead Guitar (Fender Sratocaster, Echolette & Vox AC30), Colin Chammings Rhythm Guitar (Maton & Moody Amp), Mike Delacey Drummer.

Colin Chammings Rhythm Guitar (Maton & Moody Amp), Peter Thompson Bass (Maton Ibis & Retep Amp), Mike Delacey Drummer ,Michael Tracey Lead Guitar (Fender Sratocaster, Echolette & Vox AC30).

The group was started upon the demise of The Arctics. The group was beginning to function well when I received my conscription notice into the Army. 


Mark Allen Bass Guitar (Maton Ibis / Fender Bassman, Henry Johnson Rythmn Guitar (Maton Ibis /?), Harold Sale. Lead Guitar (Fender Stratocaster / ?), Dinee Vocalist, Hayden King Drummer (?) and Paul Jacobsen Vocalist at the Townsville Yacht Club

Denise Secomb wrote The Secret life of Harold Sale ...’  in the Magnetic Island Community News, 20 April 2013

Few people on Magnetic Island realise that Harold Sale, 65, a retired Magnetic Island bus driver, has a huge career behind him as a professional musician playing in Townsville, in south-east Queensland and on Lindeman Island.

He has played with a variety of bands, including being part of a duo that played at the Gold Coast's then top resort. While it's no secret among his oldest and dearest friends, to those he's driven backwards and forwards across the island in the buses for many years, this might perhaps appear as the secret life of Harold Sale, for it's just not something that he generally talks about.

A Townsville lad, Harold grew up roaming Castle Hill, with the family's West End home up from the Mansfield Hotel backing on to the hill where he and his brothers and their mates built cubby houses while young tackers. Harold's dad, also named Harold Sale, had two passions, motorbikes and music. Harold's brother, Graham, followed in his father's footsteps, winning the NQ Motorcycle Championships one year.

Harold sen. had a collection of Indian motorbikes, the Cub, the Chief and the Scout and had a love of music playing double bass for the Salvation Army Band. The music rubbed off on Harold, who from a young age played guitar.

Harold's been lead guitar/vocalist in a number of bands, starting in the 1960s in a band called The Fugitives. His next band, The Unleashed, also featured Magnetic Island artist Peter Lawson, who was a neighbour of Harold's. The pair have known each other since they were two, though are aged a year apart and mixed generally in different circles. The Unleashed went from Townsville to Brisbane, seeking fame and fortune, but as bands do it disbanded after a time.

Cliff Sunn wrote:
I found this article whilst searching thru old Townsville pics. I have written to the writer of this article to hopefully get a response. Very interesting and so helpful for the band's website.



‘The Living Image’

 Neil Jones Drummer, Terry ?...... ? Bass & Vocals, Phil ......? Lead Guitar, ? ....... Rhythm guitar.







Peter Dickie vocals,  .... other members not known. 




‘Lock Combination’ (1)

 Cliff Sunn lead guitar, Bruce Parker Bass, Darryl ............? Rhythm Guitar & Vocals, Lyn Wilson Organ), Nobby Brierley Drummer.



 Donald Leong Rhythm Guitar / Vocals, John Le Gorcher Bass / Vocals, ? ...... drummer, ? ....... Lead Guitar. 

1967 / 1969


'MI 5'


Greg Williams Vocalist / Cornet), Morrie Page, lead guitar,  ? Rhythm Guitar,   ? Drummer, ?  Bass.

‘ ... I am pretty sure that the band in the attached photo is a band called Vintage. The lead singer and cornet player was Greg Williams (front) and the lead was Morrie Page another OLM boy. I will have a look at some of the other bands when I get time but I can't seem to get the link to full size the photos to work. I'm working off the small photos. The Vintage used to play at the a hall in Denham Street (not the AWU) and were big around the time of Sgt Pepper.' As the memory starts to grind into life I think that the band I identified as Vintage may indeed be the predecessor to Vintage called MI5. The clothes put it more in the era of MI5. They played at OLM dances in 1967/68 - Michael Christensen, Townsville.

‘Morrie Page was definitely lead guitar because I used to swap licks and admire each other’s Strats. He had a sunburst and I had a white...Mine was and still is a '68 and his was older... shucks...!! Greg Williams did leave MI5 and was in ‘Vintage’. Around 1969-1970, Bob Howlett formed a Townsville supergroup though I can't remember what they were called? I actually thought it was ‘Vintage’, however, the members were Greg Williams (drums), Les Oldman (drums) (Allman Brothers style with 2 drummers), Bob Howlett (Hammond and Leslie organ),Terry Gibson (bass) I think? Ric Montgomery (lead Guitar),- (Ric is from Cairns), ? vocalist)?’ Cliff Sunn

 'The Breakaways' 
 Jeff Carter Lead Guitar (Fender Stratocaster), Les Thomas Rhytmn Guitar (Maton),
Jack Graham Saxophone Malcolm 'Dinga' Bell
Mid 1968: Ian Dalgleish, Gary Meyers and Wayne Dixon
 The Breakaways (1968) ... Jeff Carter Les Thomas Malcolm Bell and your truly....Carter left mid year and joined up for the "Downstairs" lounge 3 or 4 nights a week for about another 12 months or so...I enjoyed those latter days.....I believe the remaining guys went on to the Dalrymple hotel...Dinga went into national service and remained in the army. 

‘Lock Combination’ (2)

Cliff Sunn Lead Guitar (Maton D45 custom built L/H), Kenny Gaylard Vocals, Bruce Parker Bass (Maton Ibis, Lyn Wilson Organ, Bill Robson Rhythm Guitar, Nobby Brierly Drummer).

Darryl was formerly with MI5 after Greg Williams left – Cliff Sunn.

 1968 / 1970 

'Times Creation'

 Terry Gibson Bass / Vocialist, Gary Doyle Guitar, Ray Uhr Organ, Johnny Rayner Drummer.

 Johnny Rayner Drummerconsequently left to join Madison Avenue and was replaced by Les Oldman...yes..!!...we swapped drummers....!! Cliff Sunn.

'Madison Avenue’


Eddie ......? (from Cairns area) Organ / Vocalist), Cliff Sunn Lead Guitar), Nobby Brierly Drummer, Bruce Parker Bass.


 '..at ‘Battle of the Bands’ at the Townsville Theatre Royal'. - Cliff Sunn,

 Unknown Band

I dont think this band had a name, but we played at Leongs staff partys, you may see faces that you know. Bert Clements.

 Thompson Lee Bass (Fender Bassman), ?......... Keyboard, Bert Celments Lead Guitarist (Gretsch, Watkins Copycat & Moody), Donald Leong Guitar / Vocalist (Maton & Fender FI-Sonic), Hayden King ?? Drummer.
(Photograph courtesy Bert Clements)

The band pic circa 1969. On Maton guitar/FiSonic 40watt amp and vocals is Donald Leong (Son of Philip). Funny thing is I knew him so well back then but I honestly can't place him having that particular Maton model? (maybe it's borrowed?). On bass guitar/Fender Bassman amp, I am 99.99999% sure that is Thompson Lee (brother of the Lowes of Rising Sun store). His brothers are John, Jackson, Lawson and sisters Lily & Shirley (I didn't even know Tommy played?). Can't quite make out who is on organ...??.On drums...Is that Hayden King...?? Maybe Bert might know...??Love Bert's thinline Gretschy...!! Is he playing thru a Watkins Copicat?? I'll return when i have more time to write but this pic was interesting for sure!! CLiff Sunn.



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