Some of the people who made the teenage scene what it was in the 1960+. Many of these folks were partners with band member, band member or work to present the bands in the best possible environment.


If you were there -- how about a photograph.


Niki 'Very Fine' Keyatta a true gentleman. Nik ran the sound entertainment and microphones for the YCW Sunday dances. He and his family ran a clothing business in Flinders Street opposite the old railway station. He gave unerring service to the YCW and help develop 'the Shack.'


Graham Smith from 4TO at the YCW Hall c1964. Graham was an announcer at 4TO and assisted Niki present the bands at the YCW Hall.


Jeff Carter was a guitarist and played in many bands over the years including 'The Panthers', 'The Squares' and 'The Trendmen''. He continues to play in Townsville.


Bert Clements and Denny Mulroney in 1964. Bert was the lead guitarist from The Arctics and went on the play in other Townsville bands. Sadly Bert passed away in Brisbane in 2016. Have not heard from Denny since the photograph was taken.


Kenny Allom and Cheryl Connors at the YCW Hall in 1964. Kenny was the bass player from The Arctics. He went on to play in The Trendmen and other Townsville Bands. He continued to play bass in Sydney.


Centre Peter Miller from Millsounds. Taken at the Dalrymple Hotel. Peter ran the music shop in Townsville for many years and played in several bands.


Peter Miller playing drums with The Diplomats c197?. Note the Millsounds Pty Ltd sign. Peter doing what he did best e.g. playing drums.


1970 - 1971 Cliff Sunn with some of his friends at the Sombrero Restaurant in the 1970s. Standing at rear is Valda Williams (Greg Williams sis) and Peter Weber

Front row Cliff & Jenny.......Help! is a left handed guitarist and played in many groups including The Diplomats.