(Part TWO)


1966 The Elite Five (Ayr North Queensland)


Norm Adcock Rhythm Guitar & vocals, John Sinclair Lead guitar & vocals, Alan Sinclair Bass Guitar & vocals, Sam Banao Drums and ………….. Help! Keyboard.


Ray Leuvre commented: The groups name apparently was derived from the ‘Elite’ brand of guitars they played. All the players are good musicians.




1967-1970 The Living Image Townsville North Queensland

Neil Jones Drummer, Terry ?......Help! ? Bass & Vocals, Phil ......?Help! Lead Guitar, ? .......Help! Rhythm guitar.



1967 Unleashed  Townsville North Queensland

Peter Dickie vocals, Harold Sale Guitar, Bob Parker Bass Guitar, Peter Lawson, Harps and Help!...........? Drummer.


UNLEASHED was Townsville’s first hippy band – the great Unwashed! and they wore it with pride! A group of long haired artists and rebels who felt stifled  by the confines  and narrowness of Townsvillian conventional values and attitudes.

This place was so depressing that getting up in public and making a big deal of it was not hard to do – why would it be?  Young people all over the world were doing it! Then the government of the day hoisted conscription on the nation as a social duty – National Service.


Most duly complied and joined up with similar, innocent, unskilled young American boys to do the dirty work for the neurotic power mongers in the White House. Where was that good old Aussie scepticism? A lot of young activists revolted in Sydney and Melbourne when they threw themselves in front of LBJ’s limo.

Some thinking young males questioned and rejected being forced to fight in a war that wasn’t a war, and that they felt was unjustified, not legitimate. Townsville was and still is a major National military base, that contributes hugely to the town’s economy and social life.


When Peter Dickie fronted UNLEASHED at the Theatre Royal in Flinders Street for their first gig, he literally blew my mind. My old Hermit Park mate and fellow Town High student, growling, snarling with a Dylanish grimace – and a loud and uncouth looking group of misfits belting out an outlandish sound – I was floored! … Wow!  Not the quiet, bespectacled skinny kid I remember at school.


Play list I remember; Satisfaction, You really got me, Gloria, Here comes the night, Light my Fire, It’s all over now Baby Blue, House of the Rising Sun, We got to get out of this place.


I formed my own band soon after, UNDECIDED, with Geoff Hollamby fellow boarder at Townsville Grammar School.




Donald J. Leong 10 May 2017.



1967 Lock Combination’ (1) Townsville North Queensland

Nobby Brierley Drummer, Bruce Parker Bass, Darryl ............?Help! Rhythm Guitar & Vocals, Cliff Sunn Lead Guitar, and Lyn Wilson Organ.



1967 - 1968  Undecided Townsville North Queensland

Donald Leong Rhythm Guitar and Vocals, John Nagorka  Bass  and Vocals, Geoff Hollamby Drummer, and Lenny Baker Lead Guitar.


Undecided: John Nagorka Bass and Vocals and Don Leong Guitar and vocals.

Photograph Faye Leong.


We couldn’t think of a name so the B side of a Master’s Apprentices single was it – UNDECIDED. John was a seasoned player, he played bass lines and sang, in time, on pitch, no problem – great rock voice! Len put an  L series Strat  into a Super reverb, the big double F tone to die for.  His hard riffing, John’s solid bass and Geoff ‘s drumming drove the band, I tagged along and put in rhythm guitar, some vocals – I had it easy.


A tight little rock outfit, if you couldn’t dance to it, we didn’t play it, no ballads, lots of rehearsals. Townsville social night life those days was  the pubs , namely the Hotel Allen, Hermit Park Hotel, The Vale, the Sun?  and there had to be a band Saturday nights.


We didn’t get a spot so we ended up at the far but famous Vic Park Hotel in Ingham – a hot jumping, country working town gig – it was good, but the drive back was always a chore.


Once we were recorded (briefly) playing on stage by the ABC’s 4 Corners programme in a documentary about the sugar industry, it sounded good on TV – the ABC got some good quality recording gear.


Play list – Good Golly Miss Molly, Hippy Hippy Shake, Long Tall Sally, Shaking All Over, Midnight Hour, Mustang Sall , CC Ryder, Knock on Wood , It’s all over now, When you walk into the room, Mr Postman and We got to get out of  this place… They danced!


We were support band for UNLEASHED at Townsville’s first and only Disco that opened opposite The Bulletin’s old building in Flinders Street – it died, and nobody got paid. All good experience for these country boys.


Meanwhile , in the rest of the world – Cuban Missile crisis, JFK , Khrushchev, Vietnam, Civil Rights, LBJ, Mao, Cultural Revolution, Berlin Wall …..Beatles, Rolling Stones, Woodstock, LSD, TM,  Dylan, Motown, Hair …


Hey surprise! …  We’re still here! Time to check the Doomsday Clock again. Is that right?




Donald J. Leong 8th May 2017.



1967 - 1969 MI 5 Townsville North Queensland

Greg Williams Vocalist / Cornet, Morrie Page, lead guitar,  ?.......Help! Rhythm Guitar,   ?.........Help! Drummer, ?..........Help!  Bass.

Michael Christensen, Townsville comments‘ ... I am pretty sure that the band in the attached photo is a band called Vintage. The lead singer and cornet player was Greg Williams (front) and the lead was Morrie Page another OLM boy. I will have a look at some of the other bands when I get time but I can't seem to get the link to full size the photos to work. I'm working off the small photos. The Vintage used to play at the a hall in Denham Street (not the AWU) and were big around the time of Sgt Pepper.' As the memory starts to grind into life I think that the band I identified as Vintage may indeed be the predecessor to Vintage called MI5. The clothes put it more in the era of MI5. They played at OLM dances in 1967/68.


Morrie Page was definitely lead guitar because I used to swap licks and admire each other’s Strats. He had a sunburst and I had a white...Mine was and still is a '68 and his was older... shucks...!! Greg Williams did leave MI5 and was in ‘Vintage’. Around 1969-1970, Bob Howlett formed a Townsville supergroup though I can't remember what they were called? I actually thought it was ‘Vintage’, however, the members were Greg Williams (drums), Les Oldman (drums) (Allman Brothers style with 2 drummers), Bob Howlett (Hammond and Leslie organ),Terry Gibson (bass) I think? Ric Montgomery (lead Guitar),- (Ric is from Cairns), ? vocalist)?’ Cliff Sunn.



1968 The Breakaways Townsville North Queensland

Jeff Carter Lead Guitar (Fender Stratocaster), Les Thomas Rhytmn Guitar (Maton),

Jack Graham Saxophone, Malcolm 'Dinga' Bell Drummer.


Mid 1968: Ian Dalgleish, Gary Meyers and Wayne Dixon

Cliff Sunn stated: The Breakaways (1968) Jeff Carter, Les Thomas, Malcolm Bell and your truly. Carter left mid year and joined up for the "Downstairs" lounge 3 or 4 nights a week for about another 12 months or so I enjoyed those latter days. I believe the remaining guys went on to the Dalrymple Hotel. Dinga went into national service and remained in the army.



1968 Lock Combination’ (2) Townsville North Queensland

Nobby Brierly Drummer, Cliff Sunn Lead Guitar (Maton D45 custom built L/H), Kenny Gaylard Vocals, Bruce Parker Bass (Maton Ibis), Lyn Wilson Organ and Bill Robson Rhythm Guitar, .


Darryl was formerly with MI5 after Greg Williams left – Cliff Sunn.



1969 Times Creation Townsville North Queensland

Terry Gibson Bass / Vocalist, Ray Uhr Keyboard, Johnny Rayner Drummer and Gary Doyle Guitar. Photograph Donald Leong


Johnny Rayner Drummer consequently left to join Madison Avenue and was replaced by Les Oldman. Yes! we swapped drummers! Cliff Sunn.



1969 Madison Avenue Townsville North Queensland

Eddie ......? (from Cairns area) Organ / Vocalist), Cliff Sunn Lead Guitar), Nobby Brierly Drummer, Bruce Parker Bass.


 '..at ‘Battle of the Bands’ at the Townsville Theatre Royal'. - Cliff Sunn.



1969 The Ringins Townsville North Queensland

Tom Lee Bass (Fender Bassman), Alan ‘Shorty' Lyons, Keyboard, Bert Celments Lead Guitarist (Gretsch 6120DC, Watkins Copycat & Moody), Donald Leong  Guitar / Vocalist (Maton & Fender FI-Sonic), Hayden King  Drummer. Photograph and information Bert Clements.





1969 The Diplomats Townsville North Queensland

John ‘Jack’ Graham Saxophone, Ian Dalgleish Vocals, Malcom ‘Dinger’ Bell drums, Wayne Dixon Drums, Les Thomas  Rhythm Guitar and Gary Miers lead guitar. Photograph Gary Miers.


Jack Graham said: The Diplomats c1969 ..originally called the "Breakaways" Started in 1968 at the Hotel Allen and then the Seaview and then Downstairs at Lowths hotel ...Geoff Carter Les Thomas Dinger Bell and Yours truly on sax ...Margie Bell did a few numbers. I played rhythm guitar when Carter did his Shadows numbers and sang harmony. The band reformed mid year 1969 with the new members Wayne Dixon (organ) Gary Meyers  replacing Carter and Ian Dalgleish as the fulltime singer... Broke up 1n 1970.


The Diplomats’ 1971 (I don't know....I think we played a few balls ....till 3am ....I remember trying to sober up Nelson once or twice). Dean Jenkins had a really interesting tone on the tenor sax ....I think Nelson played the baritone though ....Don't remember any Cliff Sunn but I think Gary Meyers was still around... Les Thomas used to sing harmony with me  ...he did the low parts ...


Cliff Sunn (lead guitar), Les Thomas (bass & vocals), Dean Jenkins...........…..? (baritone sax), Peter Miller (drums), Nelson Hinchcliffe (alto sax and trumpet), Wayne Dixon (Vox organ) Jack Graham (sax castonets clapping etc) I got married ....end of story





The next generation….. .

1970 Klub Townsville North Queensland

?.................Help!,, Guitar (Maton), Ron Dewis, Guitar (Guild Starfire), ?..............Help!, Drummer (?), and Bob Anderson Bass Guitar and Vocalist (Guild). Photograph Bob Anderson.


Ron Dewis, Guitar (Guild Starfire), ?..............Help!, Drummer (?), ?.................Help!,, Guitar (Maton), Easter Byrnes, and Bob Anderson Bass Guitar and Vocalist (Guild). Photograph Bob Anderson.



1970 Opus 4 Townsville North Queensland

Warren ..............?Help!Trombone, Kenny….........?Help!, trumpet, Neville …...........?Help! Vocals and Drummer, Wayne ….....,....... ?Help!, Cliff Sunn lead guitar 'and one hell of a tie'), Terry…..........?Help! Bass Guitar (Mosrite Guitar).


Cliff Sunn said. ‘....I don’t know if this is valid Michael as we now hit the 70s. Opus 4 was a group of army musicians who formed a cabaret band to perform around the pubs and nightspots in Townsville and North Queensland. Suppose you can tell I wasn’t army I'm the one wearing a tie. Repertoire consisted mainly of Herb Alpert, big band stuff’.




1971 The Diplomats Townsville North Queensland

Les Thomas Bass Guitar & Vocals), Dean ...........?Help! Baritone saxophone, Peter Miller Drums, Nelson Hinchcliffe  Saxophone and Trumpet, Cliff Sunn lead guitar,  and Wayne Dixon Vox organ.




1973 - 1975 The Syndicate Townsville North Queensland

Brian Cremin? Lead Guitar,  Jeff Long, (..............Help!) and ...............Help! , ..............Help! Phil Hird Bass Guitar. Photograph Bob Anderson.


Information from Phil Hird's coming publication reported in The Townsville Bulletin Weekend Extra Saturday February 23 2008 p.47. Thanks once again to Michael Christensen, Townsville.



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